Perl and Koha Conference
in Helsinki, 2023

14-16 (14-18) August 2023,
we're ogranizing an event,

never happened before!

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Perl Community (YAPC::Europe)


Koha Community (KohaCon)


That's because Koha is made of Perl
and Perl is proud of Koha.

  1. Koha is written on Perl and uses the whole Perl technology stack, so all tech-related things around Perl are the things on which Koha is based. Tech experts in Koha are fully Perl- community and tech-stack people.
  2. all upper-level related topics: clouds, servers, Lunix, DevOps, high load,
    DBs/SQL, cyber security, backend and frontend, JS, even design/HTML/CSS,
    and other FOSS producs are covered by Perl community meetings and interests.
  3. both are Open Source communities and very highly related and SHOULD have growing impact on each other. This what we going to improve drasticly. That's why the motto (later).

KohaCon audience

  • People who develops, improves and provides Koha. Devs, System Librarians, leaders and management, so, the Libraries at whole as users and Koha influencers. And of course Koha core0dev team which leads Koha development.
  • we are. And through the last decade Koha became the main rising and trending Perl product for Perl.

PerlCon audience

  • People who uses Perl and related technologies to develop software. General software developers, Open source addicts, IT-tehy experts. And of course core team, which develops the Perl Language itself.
  • some of us are these, including our future supporters and mates.

motto is:

Community.   Language.   Software.

( Perl + Koha.          Perl.            Koha.     )

Perl and Koha Conference in Helsinki, 2023

About the conference
note: this is the just-launched darft, please follow us for changes and updates!

  • Will be 3 days single multi-streamed event (3 tracks expected).
  • Few days of workshops and hackathons after
  • Offtopic (tours, dinners, gatherings) thigns also planned.
  • Bring your families. Off-conference days load and program for kids and spouses planned.
  • Start to plan your vacation now.
  • Ogranizers:
    The National Library of Finland, the Helsinki University, KohaSuomi Oy,
    ... and Nugged Team (as in NatLibFi) led by Andrii (me).
    more experts from both commutities will join and called by name too, soon!

Our vision is to unite two communities into bigger one, give Perl Community their main product, give Koha Community more supporters, and even rare experts as involved workers. We plan also to cover at the conference (draft outline):

Koha and Perl topics:

  • unite the communities
  • improve cross-experience support
  • Koha is one of the uprising, trending Perl product, fully based on Perl tech stack, mutually dependant. Collaboration efficiency. Improving in both directions.
  • breeding developers. We should!

Koha topics

  • further Koha development as software, including components
  • Koha usage, features, experience exchange, librarians-oriented
  • library-level managers and decision makers' experience exchange
  • community development (dev- and users- targeted as well)
  • general IT/Libraries topics
  • important side track: Ukrainian Library Restoration Initiative by NuggedTeam

Perl topics

  • language development
  • Perl usage, features, experience exchange, librarians-oriented
  • related software, technologies, tools (FOSS, DevOps, CyberSecurity, Linux, clouds, front-end/back-end, etc)
  • community development
  • and to revive communities' life for more efficient post-covid collaboration.

Part of these topics is planned to be launched before the gathering, even to get come into culmination point in August 2023.

Perl and Koha Conference
in Helsinki, 2023

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PerlKohaCon info page

Perl and Koha Conference
in Helsinki, 2023

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